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There are three of us who manage In addition to us three, we have several wonderful writers and artists who work with us on contract and have been with us for many years.

Ben Buckwold, President, Red River Press

Ben is the founder of Red River Press. He is involved in much of the daily management at, and also oversees the development of all the new projects at the company.

Marta Solodun, Managing Director, Red River Press

Marta joined Red River Press in 2008. She's the managing director of and our sister site Marta handles all our financial, managerial and sales matters at the company. She also plays a big role in the creation and development of all our English iPhone apps.

Tara Benwell, Director of all things Media

Tara started at ESL-Library as a lesson developer. She continues to write a lot of the content on the site, but she has taken on a greater role as our Media Director. If you see us on facebook, twitter, or in the ELT blogosphere, it's likely Tara pushing the buttons. She runs our social media strategy and keeps us heavily involved in the ELT community.

Tanya Trusler, Chief Editor

Tanya, of Editing to a T, became our chief editor in 2011. She edits our lessons for accuracy and consistency. She also writes a weekly blog post for us about grammar or teaching advice, and is starting to develop some of our lessons.

Nadine Lowes, Office Manager

Nadine works with us on contract as our office manager. She keeps us extremely well organized with the many projects we have going on at the company. What would we do without her?

Billy Kiely, Graphic Designer

Billy, of Billy Kiely Design, has been working with Red River Press for many years. He has played a major role in recently rebranding the image of RRP and ESL-Library and has been a huge asset to our company.

ESL Library Contributors, Writers, Artists, Editors, Programmers

ESL-Library contracts with talented writers, authors, artists, and illustrators all over the world. We have freelancers in France, Spain, Poland, Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada, and Korea helping to keep our site very well-travelled.

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Fly With Amelia Earhart (the 2nd)

Share this real-life story about the NEW Amelia Earhart, and try our ready-made lesson plan about Amelia Earhart (the 1st).

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Teaching Tips on It’s and Its

ESL-Library blog: August 21, 2014

This is one of the most common errors that native speakers make. It's no wonder our students struggle with this little apostrophe! Try these tips to clear things up once and for all.

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